Prefab Concrete Steps

Summary: More than a few choices of prefab concrete steps are available today with the same specifications as poured steps and superb reinforcement. The time savings alone from using precast concrete can be quite advantageous.

Different materials make prefabricated, aka prefab or precast concrete steps perfect for almost any type of stair application.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is used over treated lumber for a solid frame or wrought iron can be requested for your front or back steps.

Other applications include walkout basement steps that can be custom made that align perfectly with foundation walls. Not only is it difficult to get into small areas where steps may be needed but existing landscaping can turn into a disaster while pouring concrete.

Further, labor costs can be quite high with squaring off, measuring, pouring and finishing, not to mention the dry time necessary for the curing process. Precast concrete steps will take all of the guesswork out of having the perfect set of steps.


The biggest difference between poured stairs and precast concrete stairs is strength.

With poured steps, you expect the materials to experience creep and stress relaxation that will cause a loss of strength over time.

Because prefabricated concrete steps are manufactured off site, they do not rely on the strength of the surrounding backfill materials and just grow stronger over time.

You should not experience cracks, pits or strained areas with a properly-fabricated set of precast steps.

When a unit is assembled in a controlled factory environment, precise measurements and materials are able to made without the fear of inclement weather plus they are inspected and tested.

Nearly all manufacturers are certified by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) and are experienced in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems to provide a product that is unsurpassed in quality.


The concrete step manufacturer or distributor will recommend the best method for securing your prefabricated concrete steps.

They are experienced in determining whether a footing, excavation or stoop ledge will best sustain your new steps.

Delivery and placement are usually optional but recommended for lasting performance.

You can purchase your own prefabricated concrete steps at many local building warehouses that may have personnel trained to perform this function.


Temperature and humidity will not affect your prefab concrete steps nor will mold and mildew because precast concrete is resistant to most substances.

High-quality sealants that are specially formulated to adhere to the concrete of prefab steps are also used to provide the required water tightness.

Well-made prefabricated concrete steps can hold a life span in excess of decades. This does not mean that maintenance efforts will not be required...

Prefab stairs frequently start to deteriorate in the 8-15 year range, but they can be repaired if that happens and function well for decades after.

Available Finishes

Prefab concrete stairs can also bring a decorative flair to your home, potentially increasing its value, in addition to being functional.

Special varieties of acid etching or concrete staining, sandblasting or exposed-aggregates are a few of the recent trends that homeowners have used to match the home's surroundings.

Even with everything that prefab steps have going for them, they are surprisingly low in cost. Visit your local home improvement warehouse or look online to find just the right set of prefabricated concrete steps for your needs.

It isn't hard to find a supplier of precast concrete stairs once you know what you are looking for but make sure that they are certified and provide a guarantee to protect your new purchase.

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