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If you were to visit large-scale construction projects (i.e. skyscrapers, dams, bridges), you would probably see that the cement masons or concrete finishers are some of the most respected people onsite because they have valuable knowledge, experience, and skills.

Guess what? With a little guidance, some practice, solid planning, and the right tools and materials, you can create custom concrete projects at home with relative ease.

Not only will you create durable and appealing concrete structures by applying the techniques on this website, you will also be developing skills that have evolved over centuries (Stanley, T. 2008, p. 4).

Here are the concrete projects currently available on this site:

Home Concrete Projects

Concrete Countertop Mix
To be frank, a concrete countertop is doomed for failure without an effective concrete countertop mix. Don't worry, here's a scratch mix recipe that is effective and cheap...

Making Concrete Molds
Many crafty homeowners are having fun by making concrete molds to form decorative pavers, garden ornaments, and much more. Here are the most popular concrete mold-making materials...

Concrete Expansion Joints
Concrete shrinks and cracks. Properly located and placed expansion joints help control random surface cracks in poured concrete.

Pouring a Concrete Slab
Pouring a slab of concrete is hard physical work. The actual steps involved are actually pretty simple if you plan-ahead and remain attentive to detail. Here are the steps involved in pouring basic slabs...

Painting Concrete Floors
Concrete floor painting is a low cost way to add appeal to a boring gray basement or garage slab. Here are the tools, materials, and techniques, you will need for painting concrete...

Concrete Floor Coating
Coating concrete floors with epoxy coating to beautify them is a growing trend. Here are the things you need to know about applying concrete epoxy...

How to Make Concrete Countertops
Making Concrete Countertops is an advanced project due to the unique considerations involved. But, if you're ready, the upside is huge...

How to Build Concrete Steps - Exterior
Building concrete steps outside is also an advanced concrete project and their are different considerations when building steps outside. See more here...

How To Build Concrete Steps - Interior
Building interior concrete steps is also an advanced concrete project Read more here...

Concrete Retaining Wall
Concrete retaining walls are built to keep earth from falling downward. Learn about building functional retaining walls here...

Concrete Stepping Stones
Concrete stepping stones can add character to any landscape. See how to make and install stepping stones right here...

Stanley, T.(2008). Quikrete Guide to Concrete, Masonry, and Stucco Projects. Creative Publishing International: Minneapolis, MN.

P.S. if you also have project questions that span beyond concrete, please visit our friends at for homebuilding guidance.

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Concrete Gravel Boards
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