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My name is Alan Sikon. I'm the webmaster here.

I've always had a deep passion and respect for concrete construction.

This site is dedicated to providing helpful concrete construction information so that you build with, repair, and enhance concrete more successfully.

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If you are anything like me, you try your best to work smart and do things right the first time. Cutting corners is simply not an option.

As a result...

You will not find bootlegging techniques or shortsighted guidance on this website.

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  • Well-thought and useful project how to guidance
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  • Plus... insightful articles on trending concrete construction technologies to arm you with innovative knowledge

Sitemap - Meet Mr Concrete
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Concrete Safety Suggestions - Meet Mr Concrete
Concrete safety is Priority One when doing concrete construction work. Here are safety guidelines to follow on your projects.
The History of Concrete - Meet Mr Concrete
Concrete is the timeless material that holds our world together and the history of concrete is a captivating story.
Properties of Concrete Explained - Meet Mr Concrete
Understand the properties of concrete and you form a solid foundation for your concrete projects. Discussed here are basic concrete properties that are essential to know.
Calculating Concrete Needed For Your Project - Meet Mr Concrete
Calculating concrete for your project can be done easily. Download the MMC concrete calculator here or figure your own concrete using these calculating formulas.
Concrete Projects For The Home - Meet Mr Concrete
Provides thorough and proven DIY advice for concrete projects so that you will build safely, efficiently, and effectively with concrete.
Concrete Repair Guidance - Meet Mr Concrete
Concrete repair projects for the home, including crack repair, driveway repair, epoxy repair, and much more.
Importance Of Concrete Mixing Ratios - Meet Mr Concrete
Getting your concrete mixing ratios right leads to stronger and more durable concrete. Learn about optimal mixing ratios here so you can both build more effectively with concrete
How to Mix Concrete - Meet Mr Concrete
Learn how to mix concrete. Includes helpful tips that can save you time and money.
Concrete Dye Colors And How To Dye Concrete - Meet Mr Concrete
Concrete dyes contain fine coloring agents with smaller particles than in concrete stainsInformation on concrete dye colors and how to dye concrete.
How to Stain Concrete Yourself - Meet Mr Concrete
Learning how to stain concrete yourself so you can craft a uniquely attractive floor, driveway, patio, or porch.
Concrete Stamps - How to Stamp Concrete - Meet Mr Concrete
Using concrete stamps is one of the top ways to upgrade your driveway, patio, or sidewalk. Here is how to stamp concrete and some dos and don'ts to remember.
How To Apply Concrete Sealants - Meet Mr Concrete
Learn about different types of concrete sealants, figuring how much sealant is needed and applying sealants to concrete.
How To Clean Concrete Yourself - Meet Mr Concrete
Many will show you how to clean concrete half-assedly. Here I show you three ways to clean concrete effectively on the cheap.
Concrete Recycling Outlook - Recycled Concrete Uses - Meet Mr Concrete
A discussion of concrete recycling and the uses for recycled concrete. Topics include the recycling process, concrete recycling machinery, and recycling benefits and risks
2012 Concrete Prices Discussed - Meet Mr Concrete
An examination of current bag concrete mix prices and ready mixed concrete prices per cubic yard, plus where to find the best prices on concrete.
Concrete Products Guide - Meet Mr Concrete
Useful information on concrete products to help you build durable and appealing concrete structures.
Used Concrete Equipment for Sale - What To Look For
Tips for maximizing value when buying used concrete equipment and an look at the most popular types of used equipment for sale.
Assessing Used Concrete Batch Plants for Sale - Meet Mr Concrete
Things to know when buying used concrete batch plants. Here's how to assess used batch plants for sale.
Tough Prefab Concrete Steps No More Pour - Meet Mr Concrete
Prefab concrete steps have come a long way in the past twenty years. More than a few prefab choices are available today. Here is how prefab steps stack up to poured concrete steps.
Concrete Gravel Boards Benefits - Meet Mr Concrete
When and why to use concrete gravel boards, tools required for fitting them, plus a helpful video on installing gravel boards.

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